Owning a Car: What Newbies Need to Know

  • About Getting Chipped Auto Glass Repaired

    22 February 2016

    Did you make the mistake of turning down a dirt road that led to rocks flying in the air and chipping the glass on several of the windows in your vehicle? Even if the chips are small, it might be in your best interest to take your vehicle to a glass technician to get the damaged windows repaired. The glass technician may even have to replace the glass altogether depending on where the glass is chipped.

  • Pointers For New Owners Of Limousine Service: The Automotive Side Of Things

    19 January 2016

    If you are just starting a limousine service, you may be wondering how often your cars will need automotive service. You may also be wondering if you can get away with only two limos to start. Here are some facts about operating limos, maintaining them, maintenance frequency and why you may want more than two limos to start your business. Limo Engines, Service and Fuel Efficiency Limo engines are responsible for hauling not just twice the usual weight of most passenger cars, but also the weight of all the people inside the vehicles as well.